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Getting Your Client Insured

The Secret: How the Most Successful Brokers Do It

Calculate the Appropriate Amount of Insurance

Determine any Underwriting Challenges

Run quotes / illustrations

Assemble your application kit, or use one of our Quick App Programs

Order your client's insurance exam

Write a good cover letter

Letter to client setting expectations (Editable RTF file)

Do you have a client who has previously been declined (or highly rated) for insurance?

Tell Regis Philbin that is not your final answer!

Contact your marketing representative to discuss the case. Not all companies view the case in the same light. Often more information can be developed to improve the offer. Sometimes, the passage of time (driving violations, cancer) improves the outcome.

As shown in our history "Power of a Broad Portfolio", we developed additional medical information and found the company in our portfolio that offered PREFERRED rates when all other companies either declined or rated the case..