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Linked Benefit Products (Annuity/LTC & Life/LTC)

2010 brings in a wave of Long Term Care benefits within Annuities and Life Insurance contracts made possible by the Pension Protection Act (PPA) of 2006. PPA opened up a whole new world of benefits for clients who earmark a portion of their savings for medical emergencies. Linked benefit products will substantially increase the leverage of your client's savings dollars from 2 to 5 times their typical value. Additional benefits of PPA products may include:

  • Return of Premium Guarantee
  • Guaranteed / Accelerated Death Benefit
  • Possibility of streamlined underwriting - no exams
  • Tax free disbursement of benefits from gains in non-qualified annuities
  • Joint benefits for married clients
  • Lifetime coverage for long term care needs

There's a massive opportunity in moving NQ annuities with substantial gain into PPA-compliant annuities for TAX-FREE withdrawals for LTC expenses.

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