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MoneyGuard Reserve Plus

A single or flexible premium approach to self insuring the LTC risk. Offered by Lincoln Financial, this innovative Universal Life policy creates a guaranteed death benefit, large pool of funds available for LTC needs, and a RETURN OF PREMIUM anytime if funded with a single premium! Also:

  • A fully guaranteed contract.
  • A simplified product that's easier to explain and illustrate.
  • Tax Free Death Benefits
  • Tax Free LTC Benefits
  • Clients pay only for the benefits they want.
  • A return of premium feature included at issue on single premium only; can be elected on certain 5-pay or 7-pay policies.
  • A range of premium options: single premium, 3, 5, 7, or 10 pay.
  • Inflation protection options.
  • A linked-benefits policy which combines death protection with long-term care benefits in a single contract.
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