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XRAE Underwriting Solution

XRAE does what no human being can - perfectly evaluate over 100,000 specific underwriting rules based on over 600 potential questions in less than a second to determine the "best case" underwriting classification at each XRAE Partner Carrier.

We provide XRAE to you as the ultimate field underwriting tool. The more you know about your client's health, the more successful you will be in selecting the right carrier to apply to.

XRAE provides a series of questions for your client. The answers will be transmitted immediately to your Marketing Rep. Your rep will in turn provide you with a timely assessment from our carriers. This process will save you time and give you (and your client) a realistic expectation of the underwriting outcome and the cost of the insurance.

To use the XRAE Underwriting Solution, click here (Full version allows you to save your work and transmit your information to your Marketing Rep.)

If you do not have a login, please call your Marketing Rep. to get started.


For cases without multiple impairments or complicated medical history, use this version of XRAE to see how the carriers compare with underwriting.